2020 · Poster, animations · Het Nieuwe Instituut · A0 · Silkscreen by Kees Maas, animation by Moniker
Graphic designer Richard Niessen
mail@richard-niessen.nl · +31(0)20 66 33 323 · +31(0)6 24 27 22 41
swatches:another webcover for 'Who is We?’ included: 1. Star Alphabet, Guillaume Postel (1510-1581), a scholar who imagined a world system creating harmony between all things that existed for which he invented a communication system between man and beyond; 2. In 1928 one of the bacterial cultures of Alexander Fleming accidentally ended up with a fungal spore that grew into a fungal colony. Fleming accidentally discovered penicillin: 'I didn't invent penicillin. Nature did that’; 3. A French map of the planet Mars, 1880 and 4. Enlarged image of a parasitized plant with usury growth.