2015 · artist Jennifer Tee · 210 x 280 mm · 200 pp · ROMA publications . texts by Zöe Gray, Maxine Kopsa, and Monika Szewczyk . ISBN 9789491843518
Graphic designer Richard Niessen
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tee:Jennifer Tee’s (1973) works comprise sculpture, installation, performance, photography, and collages, all with a wide-ranging underlying frame of reference. Of central importance is Tee’s interest in the in-between state of what she calls the soul in limbo*. The soul in limbo is restless and alive, and caught in an unnamed place – a conceptual, mental, psychological, and physical space – on the border between the here and the possible. Tee also researches contemporary life, with its cross-cultural identity and narratives, its instability and complexity, and its potential for the loss of identity, language, and kinship with original cultures.