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2008-2009 · Identity for an exhibition space, a series of monthly program posters, magazine Pamflat, invitations · I.c.w. Dimitri Reist
Graphic designers Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries · +31(0)20 66 33 323 · +31(0)6 24 27 22 41
flat:is an initiative of a group of residents of the Bijlmer consisting of artists, curators, designers, scientists and musicians who live in studio apartments of the flat Florijn. Coming from different disciplines and backgrounds, they work together realising various projects in the area of the Bijlmer which functions as source of inspiration. As a part of FLAT, together with Dimitri Reist, Niessen and de Vries designed the identity and various prints, including a first publication PAMFLAT, monthly posters, and invitations.