2004 · E*V*O*L*E*Y*E*LANDS*S-END · Artistbook · Jennifer Tee · 160 pp, 21 cm x 28 cm · "Best Dutch book designs" 2004 · ISBN90-8546-014-X
Graphic designer Richard Niessen
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event:In 2004 Jennifer Tee was the Dutch entry for the Saõ Paulo Biennial. With this work Tee attempted to arouse a state of limbo, a transition zone where people, objects and the surroundings are connected in such a way that the viewer can experience a moment of intensification of life and consciousness. The accompanying book aimed for the same effect. The intense cooperation between Jennifer Tee and Richard Niessen resulted in a unique publication: eight different sections with their own cover, paper, and printing ink and technique, randomly bound with one of the six different stickers on the cover. None of the 1500 books in this edition is the same.