Graphic designer Richard Niessen · +31(0)20 66 33 323 · +31(0)6 24 27 22 41
Graphic designer Richard Niessen · +31(0)20 66 33 323 · +31(0)6 24 27 22 41
RICHARD NIESSEN (1972) is known for his colorful posters and expressive typography, innovative identities and his collaborations with other artists. In 2007 he created the traveling retrospective ‘TM-City’. In 2014 he expanded this overview with the book and installation ‘A Hermetic Compendium of Typographic Masonry’, a portfolio of 26 richly layered designs. 

Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum wrote about Niessen, “By stacking and ordering typographic elements, he creates interweaving linear patterns that have virtually no equivalent anywhere else in the Dutch graphic design field.” 

Besides working in commission he initiates his autonomous projects. Niessen started ‘The Palace of Typographic Masonry’ in 2015, which brings together experiment, research, connection with other disciplines and the embedding of graphic design in a broader cultural history. 

Practicing as an artist and designer, Niessen has conducted workshops with students and designers around the world, and he has lectured and exhibited his work widely.