Graphic designer Richard Niessen (Niessen & de Vries) · +31(0)20 66 33 323 · +31(0)6 24 27 22 41
Graphic designers Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries · +31(0)20 66 33 323 · +31(0)6 24 27 22 41
ABOUT: Richard Niessen (Edam-Volendam, 1972) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 1996. Ever since he works on a body of work that he calls ‘Typographic  Masonry’. It is the almost hermetic craft of forging amalgams of signs, symbols & ornaments in mostly nonlinear structures. This syncretic approach to graphic design, with a predilection for printwork, creates a coherent formal language exclusively to the project at hand.

Richard works for various clients including artists like Jennifer Tee and Ad de Jong, exhibition spaces as Cobra Museum and Tijdelijk Museum and organizations like the Stimuleringsfonds and Rijksgebouwendienst. In addition, the self-initiated projects (such as "JACK", "1:1:1", "Based on Bas Oudt") lead to experiments with presentation forms and collaborations with other designers and artists. 

He created two traveling overview exhibitions of his work: "TM City"(Chaumont Design Graphique, Chaumont, 2007) and "A Hermetic Compendium of Typographic Masonry"(Une Saison Graphique, Le Havre, 2014). His most recent project is ‘The Palace of Typographic Masonry’: an imaginary, game-like structure that is used to order the elements, principles and sources of this art. 

He shares a studio space with Esther de Vries since 2007 and is a member of AGI since 2014.